Endorphin Running

Send inquiries to endorphin.running@gmail.com, or call (970)219-0442. Thank you!

Services and Rates: 

Online Coach -- a virtual training plan tailored to your individual goals --  ($80/mo)

  • Includes 1-month personalized training plan, with detailed speed, endurance, and recovery runs designed to help you achieve your unique running goals

  • Unlimited text/email support

  •  Phone calls as needed/per request

  • Only $20/session for in-person coaching (see below)!

In-Person Coaching -- $40 per session

  • Form, gait, cadence assessment

  • Strength, flexibility, agility training

  • Coach-supported run/workout -- intervals, hills, supported long-run, etc. 

  • Race strategy and mental preparation


Running seems pretty straightforward. Why do I need a coach?

            Putting on a pair of running shoes and heading out the door is the easiest thing to do in the world. However, running is a sport of repetitious impact, with a high risk of injury.  A coach can help you develop the strength, balance, and agility your body needs to you keep running for years to come. More conventionally, a coach will help you figure out when and what to do for your long runs, workouts, and -- also important -- rest days. Your coach is accountable to you, and in turn keeps you accountable to the sport. In the grand scheme, a coach guides you in your journey to convert goals into reality. Everyone, from beginners to elites, can benefit from a coach.      

What if I’m not very fast?

            Not a problem! Coaching is about achieving your goals. Whether you want to get faster, run farther, or simply stay healthy, Endorphin Running is excited to help you get there!

What if I work full-time or am otherwise unusually busy?

            Then you could use a coach! We know from experience that generic training plans aren’t for you. Endorphin Running will create a plan that suits your schedule and moves you towards your goals. Let us be the flexible, enthusiastic support you need to make running compatible with your life!

What are your qualifications?

            Rachel, the Endorphin Running coach, is a BSN educated Registered Nurse with experience in skilled nursing rehab, medical/oncology, operating room nursing, and primary care. Rachel began running competitively in junior high, and over a decade later hasn't stopped yet. Rachel spent many years as a middle- to back-of-the-pack runner, and worked her way up to varsity through hard work and determination. Since college she has run 3 marathons and countless other races. Rachel runs for the love of it, and has an immense amount of dedication and compassion for all her athletes, regardless of their native ability.

Can you help me lose weight?

           As a coaching company, our priority is helping you become stronger, fitter, and faster. We are not qualified to prescribe specific diet or caloric recommendations. What we can do is help you stay accountable to a regular and varied fitness regimen, which is a cornerstone of healthy weight loss. We can also address general nutrition requirements and recommendations as they pertain to runners of different demographics.

Do I have to race?

            We love racing! It’s thrilling, gratifying, and promotes community. We find racing helpful for setting and achieving specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-sensitive (SMART) goals.  Although we encourage all of our runners to race, it is never required.